Saturday, December 29, 2012

nineteen 19 :) part 2

after being surprised ptg 6th January...
mlm tu sibok siapkan assignment kat bilik Yas..
ttbe housemate Yas ckp ade lecturer nak jmpe..

WHAT?! lecturer mne plak yg dtg mlm2 nie?

pastu Yas called me out..rupe nye Miss Yana..our biology lecturer..
she asked me where's my lab report??
i was shocked..i've sent it..
she said she didn't received anything from sad tone..
and i mean it SAD tone!
it seems that she's gonna cry..i was like..oh no! am i that horrible?! 
makes my lecturer cry?! oh noooOOO!!
i was gonna cry though..


my classmates burst out from behind her together with singing a happy bday song with a slice secret recipi cake...
hahaha..again..i didn't expect it at all!
of coz..i didn't wear my specs..hahaha
with shocked n terharu :') (nanges sikit la time tu)
haha..yela..smpai lecturer trun bilik mintak assignment...
gilo la! sape tak cuak?!

thanx Miss Yana n all A7 girls!!! trharu sgt!!!! :')

then..i got a phone call from a friend..a guy..a COOL or maybe COLD guy?? haha.. and he sang me a bufday song!
full! hahahahahahahahaha :D

really unexpected!

nineteen 19 :) part 1

yeahhh world!!! i'm nineteen :))
yeayyy me!!!

OK! this is totally super duper "bersawang" punye story..
hahaha..sorry I mention before..
life is kinda HECTIC?? hahaha

pape pon..nak crita jgak! :P
well...7th January 2012..genaplah usia saya selama 19 tahun :)
winkwinkwink ^_^

yg special nye bday kali nie...i felt so blessed...with the loves from many precious peoples in my life.. heartfelt...

first thing first..on 6th..ptg..after abes kelas..
my girls that is Umira, Yasmina Hana, Amira dan Norizzati Hani planned to celebrate our friend's bday...
and celebrate it in girls college area..and its weird coz he's a guy!
haishhh..but so "polos" me..
totally believed in that..hahaha
eit(hani) try to distract me by bringing me to the gazebo first..
seriously i have no doubt to them..coz it is really his bday..haishh
the rest went to buy a cake for me at raff..
then eit suddenly went to the toilet..left me alone..
i went wondering..and terlepas ke kwasan mereka nak menyorok smbil membawa kek..ahaks..
but again..the polos me still blur..coz i didn't wear my lenses and either my specs..haha
then dorg cam kelam kabut..n eit berlari dri toilet trying to avoid me from kantoi..
and me of coz kabut gak..coz i thought that he's already here..
but then i was thinking..ta nmpak mcm byg laki pon td..

haaaaaaa! that moment i just realized it!
then dorg pon kuar dri tmpt menyorok sambil bwk kek n nyanyi..
me was so shocked n terharu!!! no one ever done that to me before!!!
:') sayang my girls ketat2!!!!

Kek tu sedap sgt!

Sumpah sgt terharu!!!!
haha..y citot?
coz that's was my cutest cat's name ever..n keep on mentioning how cute it was until all my classmate called me "Citot" hahaha :D

I asked them y awal sehari..then dorg ckp..sbb sok msti org len da booked me..
hahaha..ok..mcm femes lak..ehaks! prasan jap..haha be continued..................

Long time no post

wooot wooottttt!! 
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :) assalamualaikum :D

hai semua!!!
fuhhh..lama nye tak post...last entry pon awl tahun punye..hahaha..sorry...
been so bz lately n plus with internet connection yg mcm chipsmore..
so again....mintak maaf  :'( haha..gaya mcm ade org bce j blog nie..haishhh :D

many things to story2..muehehehe.. 2012 have given me so much happiness n lets not talk about the opposite site ;) 
Alhamdulillah..nak ckp tu j dulu..nnty crita lg..muahhhx! assalamualaikum!