Saturday, January 21, 2012

farewell to nasha bieber !

Nasha :D she's so fanatic to Justin Bieber!
that's why i called her with that name :DD
i know her when i was working partime while waiting for spm result at KFC Taman Sentosa..
the experiences working there was AWESOME! with AWESOME workmates like them

many things i've learnt there...

OK now is NASHA..
27/12/2011 kami lepak2 di la msing2 da benti..huhuuu..
ade umi..nasha..ika..n me :))
nasha nak sambong study kat IKBN banting..
gud luck my dear nasha :))
may Allah bless u n grant u succes :))

ika belanja ktorg pizza!! yumyummmmm!!
thanx ika!!! syg korg! muahhhhhx!

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